In a valley bathed in myth and magic, a stunning private estate glides gracefully over dazzling brilliant, green rice terraces. A place where today meets yesterday as effortlessly as the moon nods to the sun, where each dawn breaks on paradise. This is Bali. This is Permata Ayung Private Estate, the Jewel on the Ayung River.


Drawing on the energy and spiritualism of this unspoiled nature reserve in a hidden valley, The Permata Ayung Private Estate is a place made special, inviting, magical, luxurious and private, it has evolved from a mix of passion, creativity, spirituality and the unique beauty of Bali. 

The estate is built on land that harnesses a range of energies, from the constant flow of the river to the spiritual energy of the property itself. Nowhere on earth offers the unique aspects that this estate has harnessed. Ours are telling us, that it is beyond beautiful, It is beyond private, it is beyond simply a resort or an estate, it is completely unique in many ways. 


With a series rooms of spacious restored buildings dotted throughout the property, a central living room overlooks a stunning Java-stone lined pool and looks beyond the emerald rice field terraces. Reflecting nature by day, sparkling with mood lighting at night, the pool is surrounded by a stone terrace fashioned with antique teak sofas, sun beds and occasional tables and chairs.

Each of the exquisite wooden buildings have been purchased in Java, to celebrate the unique artisans of Indonesia. The finishing touches have been added by Dutch designer, Egbert Pos, whom's unique work with old wood and resin created unique spaces and quirky details throughout the estate.


More than a decade travelling through Java collecting artifacts and antiques has resulted in an amazing collection that has been incorporated into The Permata Ayung Private Estate. Each of the buildings at this estate tells a story, carved by time, beautifully restored to create a serie of luxurious spaces, respectively with its own character and personality. Teak and ironwood floors glow, carved terraces and small detail tell the hands of the artisans, old and spacious en-suite bathrooms sparkle with designer features. 

A Quote From Henk


The Permata Ayung Private Estate was created by Dutch businessman, Henk de Vries, as a private retreat for his family and close relatives. He began with his search for a piece of untouched paradise where true privacy was possible. After an exhaustive search, he was able to buy parcels of land, antique old wooden houses  and combined them to create his own private resort. 

“I have travelled the world and have discovered that very few places, no matter how exclusive, are truly private. I searched for a piece of paradise that offered unobstructed views, natural beauty, a spiritual place where the only other guests are those I have personally invited.” - Henk de Vries