Permata Ayung Private Estate

The mighty Ayung River and the mystical valley through which it flows are sacred to the Balinese. For us, it provides a spectacular setting for this luxury riverside estate unlike any other. Sprawling over five hectares of flourishing tropical gardens with soothing views of tumbling rice fields, lush banana plantations and palm groves, Permata Ayung Private Estate is perhaps one of Bali’s most beautiful private holiday homes.

Exclusive access to a property such as Permata Ayung, which translates as the ‘jewel of the Ayung River,’ is a rare and unique privilege, one that you will always cherish. Originally built by a Dutch businessman as an exotic private retreat for family and friends, this exclusive estate can now be booked by you for a spectacular Balinese getaway or as the venue for your next milestone event.

Set up like a traditional village, albeit a supremely luxurious one, the estate sleeps 24 guests in 12 air-conditioned bedrooms spread across a cluster of joglos (traditional Javanese pavilions) and beautiful antique houses made from lustrous teak wood. Each wooden house, as well as the remarkable collection of antiques it showcases, was personally sourced from Java.

Thoughts of the outside world will melt away as you step into this enchanted wonderland. Revel in the lush paddy views from the 20-metre infinity pool, follow the Stairway to Heaven to the river’s edge for a soak in the hot tub, or settle in for a relaxing massage in the unbelievably beautiful Bamboo Spa followed by a steam and sauna. Gather together for a movie in the plush home cinema, or cross the swinging bridge to explore the glistening terraced rice fields beyond. All the while being treated as an honoured guest by attentive staff, most of whom come from the village and will be happy to share insights into local culture.

More than a holiday, Permata Ayung is an immersion into the spirit of Bali and can be a transformative experience. But it is also a place of fun and laughter, to gather and share fine wine and exquisite meals prepared by the private chef, creating memories to last a lifetime.

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